Keeper Financial

Keeper Financial is a Brisbane North-West Brokerage Firm established 2 and half years ago.  It was the coming together of a Corporate Banker of 15 years and a Residential Mortgage Broker with more than 5 years experience to provide a better service standard than what was in the market at the time by offering not only Home Loans, but Commercial, Property Development and Investment, Cashflow, Equipment and non-confirming credit options along with ancillary services such as General and Loan Insurances.

The company prides itself on being able to provide clients with a personalised finance solution, not only for your current situation but one flexible enough and tailored for your future financial goals.  It based on a 'Relationship Management' model not just set and forget service.

Using over twenty years combined experience, a broad and engaged referral network and marketing strategy along with specialised software, we are able to support our current and proposed clients with the best possible long term outcomes.