Mortgage Australia Group

Any aggregator will give you the tools to be a mortgage broker, we give you the tools to get clients.

Mortgage Australia is the first aggregation system built around lead generation for a limited number of brokers.

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Since founding the Mortgage Australia Group in 2000, David Ham has personally generated 22,595 leads and built a business that has settled 17,595 loans totaling $4.72 Billion.

He has also written two books for Mortgage Brokers:

  • The 7 Easy Steps to Mortgage Freedom - this is the ultimate personal sales and marketing tool for mortgage brokers.
  • Mortgage Broking: Lead Generation and Sales Mastery: Your guide to attract, convert and retain more home loan clients.

You can get free physical copies of both books by watching the introductory video at and booking in a no-obligation phone call with David to discuss your business and the ways we can help you grow.

You'll get a wide range of sales and marketing tools specifically designed and proven to help  mortgage brokers build their own businesses - all customised to you and your brand.

We provide everything your current aggregator does now, at high commissions - but with real lead generation systems ready for you to use.