Finsure & LoanKit

Established in 2011, the Finsure Group set out to be the fastest growing aggregation business in the industry. Through its support and partnership with independent brands, and its acquisition of LoanKit in 2013, the group has achieved that goal by continuing to offer the strongest value proposition in the market to mortgage brokers and financial planners help customers achieve their financial goals. Evidence of the rapid growth is our recent placing in the BRW Fast Starters list, as one of the fastest growing organisations in Australia.

Why have we been so successful in recent years?

At the very core of our business ethos is the desire to provide the strongest value proposition to all our partners and clients. It is this principle that underpins who we are as an organisation, and why we are able to provide the maximum value to those who align with us. Currently, we are working with over 800 brokers, and have established a loan book of over $14 billion.