Statum Finance Group

A Relationship that would respond to you, your family and your business, yes and assist your staff and business partners?

 Statum Finance is committed to responding to your requirements, your inquiry, and those things that come up from time to time that are too good to pass up. We will help you develop your plans and be ready when you are.

 We make this commitment to you because we understand how important communication and responsiveness are to you and how frustrating silence and being put off can be, you are the customer after all.

 A finance partner who understands your industry, what works what doesn’t, current trends and most importantly, what the lenders are looking at, or not? More often than not they’ll leave you guessing until its too late to change.

Our experience and network allows us to create industry specific opportunities through our partnerships with suppliers and corporates. Often exclusively for our clients.

All of Statum Finance’s team are experienced commercial and industry finance professionals, we know how to talk to you and to talk to the lenders we may need to fulfil your requirements and get the best outcome.