What the #1 Independent Mortgage Brokerage has that you don't.

I just finished up a meeting with Jason Back. For the few people that don't know he’s the Managing Director at Australian Lending and Investment Centre. A driving force that implements strategy and processes for the industries #1 Broker - Mark Davis.

We spoke about a few different things, an immediate hiring need, long term recruitment goals but mostly business strategy, small businesses are facing as well as whats going on in the industry, and how the ASIC review is going to impact change.

We quickly got on to the inefficiencies and issues that brokers face as an an industry. I’ve recently tried to document the fact I have intentions of changing the way brokers are recruited and find new opportunities, career opportunities that are more suitable for their situation offering a greater chance of success and making it to year 2, 3 and 4.

Jason’s also has plans of his own, to “rise the tide” with in the broker space. He plans to fix another area that is also playing a role in the lack of new talent coming through. Jason is developing an education programme, alongside events he is running, sharing his insights and experiences on how a successful broker business is built on activity and processes.

We both agreed the way brokers currently enter the industry is flawed, its for that reason so many don't make it to year two. Every groups is recruiting, and so many offers are based on “support”. Something that cant really be measured or defined. A normal on boarding process has milestones, KPIs, and some form of on going education but when a contractor is acting as a one man band the focus moves to sales, sales and making sure money is coming in. Part of Jason’s course is displaying this. Het outlines the way a broker operates and where focuses lie throughout year 1, 2 and 3. How a new broker will start with a focus on sales and money but to grow and be successful it needs to eventually change and become more process focused.

It’s always a very engaging chat catching up with Jason and the business part of discussing recruitment needs was probably over in 5 minutes. A quick brief for an immediate recruitment need and when I brought up for more long term goals his answer was “lets give it a try.”

Usually when talking to groups I explain where the site is marketed, the money invested, and the traffic. I walk them through a google analytics report of how many people go to the site and where they come from.

Jason was actually the first person I talked to about my idea for a niche job board, probably around a year ago and he said then that it would be something he’d like to try. Theres benefit in being an early adopter. At the minute there is around 15 jobs on the site and over 800 views each month.

I left the meeting with a tonne to think about. I was left wondering how I could implement the kind of strict structure that ALIC has developed within my own business. Its clear that the key to their success lies in the framework that has been implemented, no huge marketing budget and no special referral relationships. The office runs on momentum, all variables accounted for within a machine that is clearly engineered to near perfection. #1