Who is using to recruit Mortgage Brokers?

The awareness of is growing and more groups are choosing to use the platform to advertise their opportunity

Today I completed the profiles of two companies of whom are represented by a couple of my favourite contacts in the industry. Two BDMs that have both agreed to be early adopters of

For me it’s clear why they have both chose to support me in building this platform and why they believe in its future success.

When I talk to groups about the platform and discuss the attention arbitrage in social media. I talk about Facebook ads, custom audiences and how I can get their company profile and job opportunity in front of a qualified audience of finance brokers. I walk them through my highly targeted digital strategy that includes leveraging a range of different platforms, content distribution channels, as well as different industry contacts.

The first contact of mine that has signed up to be a featured brand is this years BDM of the year Suzi Trajanovski of Loan Market. Having been friends for a while we often catch up over coffee and discuss the tricks of broker recruitment as well as the benefits of having a strong online presence. Suzi has leveraged platforms like LinkedIn to get Loanmarket’s a great  story in front of brokers and drive leads. On top of that Suzi’s other business interest has grown as a result of Facebook and Instagram. Having witnessed first hand the success digital marketing can have its easy to see why Suzi was one of the first to sign up.  -

The second is Adam Baker, another industry contact who I've called a friend for a while now. A fellow pom we often discuss life in aus, broker recruitment and social media marketing. Adam’s role at Rateone is to recruit and support the broker team. Since joining the team he has started creating content and posting it to LinkedIn and Facebook and has developed a personal brand that again helps him to drive business. -

As result of these two contacts already having success with digital platforms  they see the job board as an opportunity to boost their already influential personal brand and promote their groups. They recognise the benefits of leveraging my marketing and presence to ensure they are seen in another place that is getting mortgage brokers attention.

The secret to recruitment is to not recruit. Its to be seen in all the right places, just like marketing to consumers the leads that convert the quickest are the ones that come to you. They are already in the right mindset. This is the same, develop a visible attractive employer brand that will create intrigue and an inbound stream of potential recruits.