Why I want to change Mortgage Broker Recruitment

My last post outlined my future plans of How I will Change Mortgage Broker Recruitment.

I think its also important to create an understanding of what my motivations are, and the reasons WHY I’m changing my direction.

Why am I trying to change how groups find and engage with talent?

Why, from a business/personal perspective does this make sense for me?

My vision in building my recruitment business has always been to develop something that is entirely online. To build something with a recurring income that can be run 100% from my laptop, from any where in the world.

This vision has been the main driver behind my content marketing strategy and the reason I share my experiences and ideas through a range of digital platforms. I feel because of my position in the market and the fact I've developed a strong personal brand synonymous with mortgage broker recruitment it has afforded me a an opportunity to develop into something more.

The current state of the market is talent short, heaps of businesses have aspirations to grow and the lack of visibility means that brokers don't know what their options are when it comes to new opportuntites. A niche job board has huge potential upside for the broker industry it will benefit those looking to grow and those looking to make a move either into or within the industry.

My plan is to have 30 Businesses who have the appetite for growth subscribe to a “Featured Brand - Employer of Choice” Package. This gives them the opportunity to sit at the top of the page in a featured section. Their opportunity is renewed monthly which means they are always seen and always visible to those looking to move. (at the moment around 800 visits per month)

For smaller groups there are single job posts, these are for more specific roles like admin assistants and client service managers.

This will see a steady recurring income and allow me to focus my time on a highly targeted digital marketing strategy that sees qualified traffic driven to the site and applying for positions advertised.

I can be any where in the world as long as I keep up my appearances in industry specific magazines and continue to market just like I do now.

The way brokers are currently recruited, especially new to industry talent often comes down to popularity or consumer focused brand. Because of competition for market share from aggregators it can make it difficult for smaller groups to play in the same arena and grow their business. aims to level the playing field, providing a cost effective solution for groups to enhance their employer brand and be seen in a place that almost acts as a comparison site of broker offerings. Ranging from aggregators, sub aggregators all the way down to one man bands who are have opportuntites available.

The market is a lucrative one, and from the outside looking in becoming a mortgage broker is an attractive prospect, but at the moment we are seeing high turnover and a sensationally high figure when it comes to new talent dropping out 6/12 months into their broking career.

With a range of different opportunities available, and by creating a platform that puts all employers in the same space it will allow talent to really hone in on what it is they want and find an opportunity that is the most suitable and offers the highest chance of success.

Having spent two years building an audience and community that is only getting bigger, and with such highly targeted marketing products available, it is becoming easier for me to get your opportunity to the market in a highly targeted way.

I will fix the talent shortage in mortgage broking, and I will do it from a beach in bali or my Grandmas house in Leavening, England, or at Home in Melbourne.

If you want to hear more about how the job board works, and want to be part of my vision to change the game get intouch, whether its about creating your company profile or you have a question you want answering I’m always reachable -