How I will change Mortgage Broker Recruitment

This story doesn't start at the beginning but I’ll paint a picture of the journey so far; I run a niche recruitment business helping mortgage broker groups grow through hiring great people.

I share my opinions, experience and ideas through a range of platforms that allow me to promote my brand, demonstrate my credibility and effectively market my self as the “go to” recruiter within the finance broker game. My blogs have featured in industry publications The Adviser, Mortgage Business and Mortgage Professional Australia. I’ve been featured in the FBAA’s Broker magazine and speak at aggregator conferences on broker recruitment.

One problem I've found is prevalent in the broker industry is the lack of visibility of different opportunities. In an effort to provide more transparency across the market, I am in the process of building a recruitment platform for groups and brokers to use. is a niche job board targeted at mortgage brokers, allowing them to browse a range of opportunities across aggregators, sub aggregators and small groups, similar to what a mortgage broker does for their clients. 

From an employer's perspective, allows groups looking for brokers to create a company profile and post their opportunity under their brand.  This opportunity is then promoted, and seen by finance professionals visiting the site seeking a new opportunity. Candidates can then apply and submit a resume which the group can track and manage by logging into their company account.

I’ve always said that the best way to recruit is not to recruit and this has formed the basis of my content marketing strategy. I am seen in all the right places as the recruiter of choice and to be available to people at the relevant point in their job hunt. This helps alleviate the wasted time and effort of attempting to headhunt candidates who aren't looking to move.

As a brand, by creating a profile on, you’re making a visible effort to advertise your business to potential employees, creating a gateway in which people interested in joining your business can reach out to you.

The platform cuts me out, and there is no placement/recruitment fee if you hire someone.

Why would I pass up the opportunity to charge a recruitment fee? As a recruiter, it can be difficult to manage clients and I'm often asked, if I find a good broker where do I send them first? With a niche job board I can pass the responsibility to the candidate. I can point them towards and they can browse the different opportunities and apply for those they think best suit them.

My aim is to grow the number of companies signing up to profiles to have their opportunity and brand constantly promoted. Groups that are looking to grow at scale can subscribe to this package for $300 per month and sit in a featured space at the top of the page. Smaller groups can also use the site for one-off positions they are looking to fill and place their job ad at a much cheaper rate than other large-scale job boards.

This blog marks the start of me documenting the process of building and developing I will post blogs as I sign up businesses and leverage different platforms to promote the job board.

If you’re looking to grow the team and hire a broker, whether it's a one off recruit or you are looking to grow at scale lets talk about how posting your opportunity to can help you source talent.